Igga was developed starting from an idea by passionate professionals, with a mutual common passion – Golf. The company was founded in 2013 and the common vision was to create a one-stop-shop for initiatives and business in the global golfing community. The company has its base in Dubai, UAE. The founder has vast experience within hospitality management, real estate, event management, charity and sports management. gga’s network in the golfing world stretches from established partnership with excellent golf courses in the Middle East to personal relations and management of players of the European Tour.

Welcome to gga, the one-stop-shop solution in the world of golf.

Our Vision

Vgga is aiming to become the leading one-stop-shop when it comes to offer customised solutions and experiences for events, travel, sponsoring and consultancy within the UAE. gga app will be offering the most exclusive deals and benefits for the golfing community in the Middle East, and for the golfer visiting the region.


MWe are striving to work with our customers and partners in a passionate and personal relationship, always achieving and exceed expectations. Working together with gga shall be fun, mutual beneficial and create a platform for long lasting relationships. gga will be in the forefront when it comes to offering profitable solutions, and give a good return on any investment. Our mission is to offering exhilarating experiences in the world of golf, that brings value that will last over time.


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